Fast Track Your Business WithSQUIRREL

Adopt a customer-centric AI-powered solution and capture real-time information that is both accurate as well as actionable

The SQUIRREL Concept

Squirrel is an all-inclusive AI-powered Computer vision SaaS platform with a plug-and-play model You can deploy inside your warehouse, retail stores, and manufacturing centers. Once deployed SQUIRREL can convert your physical assets to digital twins in less than 30 minutes and enable it to centrally report live inventory status, quality of the product, positioning of a product, and alert you about any undesirable business situations.

This is achieved through our tightly integrated hardware, networking, and SaaS components with our proprietary vision processing algorithms and sensor fusion capabilities. SQUIRREL can be a standalone solution or deployed with north and south-bound integration to any other enterprise software.

What makes us stand-out


Deployment time

Our adaptable kit and plug n play network is easy to set up

Data acc,

Data Accuracy

Accuracy in capturing and processing real-time data. Squirrel can quickly adapt to the changing data and produce precise demand forecasting.

Fast mkt

Faster time to market

Capability to monitor, analyze, and respond to all types of business logic not only saves time but fills all communication gaps to ensure the best outcomes.

Flexibility and effi

Flexibility and Efficiency

Easy to integrate into any enterprise software to bring-in data sources together for the push and pull of the information.

Cust centric


The data is processed and analyzed to give you unseen visibility and access into the mind of the consumer. Helping you not only understand his buying behaviour but also predict it.

Self driven

Self-driven SaaS platform

Intelligent enough to Sense, Comprehend & Act according to the changing environment makes it easy to manage.

visibility (1)


Clean and comprehensive User Interface.

end to end

Automated Digital Application

Completely autonomous with the power of AI realized with a practical outcome.

Problem Statement - Squirrel

Problems SQUIRRELis solving

Carrying too much inventory

Unclear Demand forecasting

Low shelf-life product management

Unseen operational costs

Too much wastage

No real-time view of your environment

Unactionable consumer data

No central – single source of truth

Digital World Attributes
Digital World Attributes
Real-World Benefits
Real-World Benefits

SQUIRREL Implementation Process